Olga Popova
Digital product manager (owner), UI/UX-designer
WhatsApp +49 152 21427477
I am a 29-year-old digital product manager (owner) and UX-designer from Moscow, Russia. I have 6 years of experience in IT and railway industries. I previously worked as a digital product manager of the Moscow social online media services. Since 2019, I have been pursuing my MA in Design Management with Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany, where I have had the opportunity to work on various design projects with brands like Mercedes, Sony Music, and Macromedia University. Below are some of my portfolio, information about my work process, areas of interest and experience.
1. Inspiration
In this phase I try to understand people better, observing their lives, listening to their problems, ideas, desires.

- gathering the latest information in a field
- identifying the users
- interviewing people and experts

Frameworks: Scenario-building analysis, Competitive analysis framing the design challenge, Extremes and mainstreams, Immersion, Analogous Inspiration, Sort cards, Peers observing peers, Guided tour, Resource flow ...

Instruments: Miro, Google forms
2. Ideation
This is the process where I analyze everything I've heard, then I generate ideas, identify opportunities for design, test and refine my solutions.

- creating a road map of a project
- categorizing
- elaborating mood boards
- prototyping
- testing and getting feedback

Frameworks: Finding the top 5, Insights statements, Mental models map, How might we...?, Stakeholder map, Opportunity canvas, Method 6-3-5, Product/service vision canvas, Customer journey map, Block schemes, Relational map, Brainstorm, Business model canvas...

Instruments: Figma, Invision, Miro, on paper, Marvel app, Material.Design
3. Implementation
In the last step, I bring my solution to life. I figure out how to get my idea to the market and how to maximize its impact in the world.

- understanding resource assessments
- developing detailed design and technical requirements and other forms of documentation
- definition of success metrics
- prioritizing product backlog based on user needs and business priorities
- collaboration with stakeholders, designers and technical specialists to develop, to test, to release and to improve the product further
- presenting results

Framework: Storyboard

Instruments: Jira, Confluence / Google Docs or analogs